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On a blazing hot day with a heat index over 100 degrees, what is there to do to cool off? How about watching the unique and the beautiful Ivy Rose perform outside at Fairfax Corner? This all-girl Filipino band is based in DC and consist of four band members: Martina San Diego (lead vocals/rhythmic guitar), and three sisters Sarah De Leon (lead guitar/backup vocals), Kristine De Leon (bass), and Isabelle De Leon (drums/backup vocals).  You may or may not know, but these are the same girls that made it through to Las Vegas during this season's America's Got Talent auditions.  They also have an album out titled "This Adventure", and already working on their sophomore album expected to come out September of this year.  Many people including their family, friends, fans, supporters, and myself braved the scorching hot weather to hear these girls jam on stage for the evening. And what better is that the show is free and Ivy Rose threw a great set that last over an hour and a half with great music for everyone to listen to.


I first heard these girls perform at the first annual Kollaboration DC talent show, but it wasn't until I saw them headline in last year's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month benefit show at George Mason University that I really got to hear the true essence of Ivy Rose music. This would be my second time seeing them perform live, and I hope to see them perform at many more shows in the future. I was very fortunate that this show took place when it did because I was on vacation from work just coming back home from Cancun.


I left my house to head to Fairfax Corner about 5:15pm and hit just a bit of traffic.  It took about 45 minutes and arrived to find parking just before 6:00pm.  Once I arrived, I started to pick a spot to setup my camcorder.  I wanted to be sure I was close enough to get good audio but at the same time not too close because I didn't want the bass and drums to distort the audio.  It was also outdoors, so I was crossing my fingers that the audio wouldn't disperse too quickly. While I was setting up, Ivy Rose was doing sound check to ensure all their guitar and sound the way they want it to sound.


After their sound check was done, they spotted me, so they came by and thanked me for coming to watch the show and thanking me in advance for shooting video and taking pictures during the show.  Last time I had a picture with them, the picture came out semi-blurry, so I had to ask them for another picture before the show started since it was still bright out.  I had my sister take the picture for me after I adjusted all the settings, so the picture would turn out better this time around.


The show started a bit after 6:30pm, and it was someone else that opened the show.  This was unexpected as I didn't recall seeing it listed anywhere that there was an opening act.  Ivy Rose didn't take the stage until an hour later.


Ivy Rose came out and performed a total of sixteen songs.  Of which, eight were cover songs and in between were original composed songs by the band from both their debut album as well as their upcoming album released later this Fall.  Seeing these girl perform live is just pure fun.  It's something about seeing an all girl band able to play drums and guitar just makes it even more entertaining to watch.  Midway through the show, the De Leon sisters brought out their younger brother Carlos for a couple of songs for their set.  Even through the hot weather, Ivy Rose was super cheery and energetic.  As the sun set for the day, it got a bit cooler but not by much and you can start seeing some kids start enjoying the show by coming to the front and dancing while Ivy Rose sings their songs.  Since this time, I was much more prepared in terms of equipment, I was able to capture the best video and pictures possible.  As the show was going on, you can see how much support the band has as you can see many people also recording the show on video.  There were so many camcorders/cameras with tripods that I had to weave my way through and make sure I didn't get in the way of other people's recording.  To view Ivy Rose's performance and set, you can click on the links below or click on the embedded video to watch the whole show.

[ Prologue | Performance ] Loss of Secrecy

[ Prologue | Performance ] Something More

[ Prologue | Performance ] Lights (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Go

[ Prologue | Performance ] Lovesong (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Spirit of the Seas

[ Prologue | Performance ] What's Up (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Blind Instinct (ft Carlos De Leon)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Creep (ft Carlos De Leon) (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Set Fire to the Rain (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hummingbird

[ Prologue | Performance ] Fix You (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hand in my Pocket (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Rain

[ Prologue | Performance ] Ain't No Sunshine (cover)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Pilot

Post Show

The show ended sometime after 9:30pm, and Ivy Rose stuck around to take pictures, sign merchandise, and to talk with their supporters.  Just as the show ended, I was able to catch up with them to take a group picture of the band after the show.  I then started to pack up and get ready to leave.  I wanted to tell them how great their show was and say goodbye to them before I left, so I waited after they finished talking to their friends and supporters.  After I left, I went into Pot Belly for a quick dinner before heading home.  Hopefully, I will get to go to their songs more once they release their new album.  It was such a great night and everything went as planned or even better!


I also took a lot of pictures at the show, and it can be seen below by clicking on the collage below, or the links that will re-direct everyone to either my photography Facebook page or my photography homepage.

Untitled photo

Picture Gallery Links: LiemPhoto | Facebook


If you're interested to know more about Ivy Rose and would like hear more music by them, please do check out their website and social network pages below.  As always, go out and support these girls by going to their shows and buying their music.


Website - http://www.ivyrosemusic.com

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/IvyRoseMusic

Twitter - http://twitter.com/IvyRoseMusic

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/IvyRoseMusic


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit http://shows.LiemPhoto.com.

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