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This is the second time I saw Trace Bundy perform live.  The first time was also at Jammin Java, but he also had a special guest opening act.  Last time, he had the  South Korean prodigy, Sungha Jung, to open for his show.  This time, he returns to Jammin Java about a year and a half later to headline the whole night without any opening acts.  It was such a treat to have him return to promote his newest, 3rd album called "Elephant King".


I arrived at Jammin Java about 6:15pm after I left work.  After checking in, I sat down in the front lobby to wait for the doors to open.  Doors opened promptly after 7pm and went to get a great front and center seat.  The seats and tables were organized a bit different than previous shows I've attended.  They had four long tables perpendicular to the stage with seats, then the usual seats lined out horizontally where the long tables ended.


The show started about 7:45pm with Trace coming out to a cheering venue.   He comes to play a total of twelve songs where majority of them came from his new album "Elephant King" and a couple of cover songs.  What makes this show a bit different from other shows I've watched is that he had an intermission between the show.  This is really nice because it allowed people to go get food, restroom, buy merchandise, or even get to meet and talk with Trace while the night is early.  This is nice because most of the time the meet and greets are at the end of the show, but this lightens up the line at the end of the show to meet Trace.During the intermission, I went to the merchandise stand and waited for Trace to come out.  It wasn't too long before he came out, and I was the second person in line to see him.  I told him how great it was to see him again and told him that I had great pictures and video of his show, and that I would share it with him before posting anything to the public.  I asked him to sign the new "Elephant King" album and had a picture taken with him.  I then went back to my seat to see the second half of the show.Just like the last time I saw Trace at Jammin Java, he shows why you have to experience his performance live.  He brought two guitars and numerous capos to show what he can do on a guitar.  He also took a picture of the crowd and promised to post the picture on his Facebook for everyone to tag.  Trace ended the show with an encore after everyone yelled and cheered for him to come back on stage.  He came out to do a cover one of his favorite bands, U2. What a fabulous show! It's one of the few shows I would return back to just hear instruments playing without vocals. What Trace is able to do is put all his emotions into his guitar just like a singer can do with their voice!

To see the clips from the show, click on the embedded video below or click on the embedded video.

[ Performance ] Bristlecone

[ Performance ] Canon in D (cvr Johann Pachelbel)

[ Performance ] Elephant King

[ Performance ] Oldies Medley

[ Performance ] Superstition (cvr Stevie Wonder)

[ Performance ] Overtime

[ Performance ] Tres Capos

[ Performance ] Traverse

[ Performance ] Dueling Ninjas

[ Performance ] Joy & Sorrow

[ Performance ] Hot Capo Stew

[ Performance ] Where The Streets Have No Name (cvr U2) *Encore*

Post Show

After the show ended, everyone cleared out pretty quickly.  I waved to Trace and yelled out thanks for a great show and said good bye to him.  Since I was able to meet Trace earlier in the show, I was able to leave pretty soon after the show.  Another great show at Jammin Java, and thank you Trace for coming back to the DC Metro Area.  Hope he comes to perform again soon. I also took a lot of pictures at the show, and it can be seen below by clicking on the collage below, or the links that will re-direct everyone to either my photography Facebook page or my photography homepage.

Untitled photo

Picture Gallery Links: LiemPhoto | Facebook


If you're interested to know more about Trace Bundy and would like hear more music by him, please do check out his website below.  As always, go out and support Trace by going to his shows and buying his music.


Website - http://www.tracebundy.com

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/tracebundyfan

Twitter - http://twitter.com/tracebundy

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TraceBundy


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit http://shows.LiemPhoto.com.

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