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What happens when you put the second place winner from the first annual Kollaboration DC talent show, and a band that recently released a new music video produced by Descendant Films who has worked with independent artists such as Clara C and Jennifer Chung?  You get Amanda Lee and Rooftop Pursuit, a powerhouse that rocks the roof off any show in the DC/Metro area! This show on the 29th of February was a huge milestone both performers since it was their first time booked at Jammin Java, one of the top 100 music venues across the world.


On the day of the show, I arrived at Jammin Java about 8:30pm since Amanda Lee goes on stage at 9pm and Rooftop Pursuit goes on after her at 10pm.  Since they are all good friends with me, I made sure I captured video and pictures as best as I can.  I also had a couple of friends come along to watch the show who enjoy shooting pictures.  I set-up my camcorder at the very front angling from the left of the stage for Amanda, and later moved back a bit to get a center shot of Rooftop Pursuit.  What made this show great is that the audience didn't crowd in the front of the stage.  This allowed me to easily maneuver around the room to get great shows for the show.  I got myself comfortable and left my jacket and camera bag with Amanda's sister at the merchandise stand.


Amanda took the stage around 9pm. As usual, she had her husband, Posido Vega, perform with her playing the bass.  For this show, they changed it up a bit and added the keyboard to their set.  It was great seeing them change it around a bit.  Amanda performed eight songs.  Of the eight songs, she performed a cover by Madi Daiz and covered it beautifully.  To see her performances, go ahead and check out the links below.


Amanda Lee's Set List


[ Prologue | Performance ] Go

[ Prologue | Performance ] Beauty of Failing

[ Prologue | Performance ] Come Tell Me

[ Prologue | Performance ] Miss You

[ Prologue | Performance ] Change

[ Prologue | Performance ] Why Do You Love Me Still

[ Prologue | Performance ] Here I Go Again (cvr Whitesnake/Madi Diaz)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Letting Go


Once Amanda finished her set, Rooftop Pursuit took the stage. The three band members did a quick sound check with Phil Lee on vocals and the keyboard, Jason Lee on the drums and percussion, and Paul Lee on the guitar.  Their performance started around 10pm.  Rooftop Pursuit performed a total of seven songs.  They even performed a brand new song tentatively called "Who I Am" where Phil wrote just twenty minutes before the show.  These guys have music that will people captivate their fans and new supporters.  Once you hear their music style where R&B/soul meets Pop/Rock, there's no going back. To hear the performance that I was able to capture, check out the links below.  You can also check out their music videos.


Rooftop Pursuit's Set List


[ Prologue | Performance ] Again

[ Prologue | Performance ] Why I Sing [Music Video]

[ Prologue | Performance ] "Who I Am"

[ Prologue | Performance ] Need Some Time

[ Prologue | Performance ] A Thousand Years (cvr Christina Perri)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Lights

[ Prologue | Performance ] All I Need [Music Video]


If you'd like to see the all the footage I captured from the show in its entirety, click on the embedded video below to watch in its respective order.

Amanda Lee [Part 1]

Rooftop Pursuit [Part 2]


After the show was done, I stuck around and talked to all the guys, Amanda, and Posido.  It was a fabulous night to spend it supporting my good friends and see their music career continue to soar higher and higher. Keep a look out for these artists as one day, I'm sure they will make it bigger and better!


I've also taken some great pictures during this night. If you'd like to see them, go ahead and click on the image or link below.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Picture Gallery Link: LiemPhoto


If you're interested to know more about Amanda Lee, Posido Vega, and Rooftop Pursuit and would like hear more music by them, please do check out their websites and social network pages below.  As always, go out and support them by going to their shows and buying their music


Amanda Lee:   http://amandaleemusic.com

Posido Vega:  http://posido.net

Rooftop Pursuit:  http://www.rooftoppursuit.com


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit http://shows.LiemPhoto.com.

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