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Third time's a charm? This is the third time I've seen Rachel Platten perform at Jammin Java. What makes this a special performance is that this is the first time I've seen her headline her own show.  This New Yorker musician has grown so much since I saw her perform for the first time at the same venue a few years ago.  She has released two music videos, one for "Nothing Ever Happens" and another for "1000 Ships".  She also released a full-length album titled "Be Here", "1000 Ships" featured as a top 30 hit on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, her song "Work of Art" is featured as the introduction song for the tv series "Jane By Design" on the ABC Family Network, and now headlines many shows in her latest tour.


I arrived at the venue a little after 7pm.  This show was a bit different than previous shows with Rachel.  Instead of a seated show and a jazzier feel to the environment, it was a standing show. Luckily by the time I arrived, people were not rushing to the front row. I found my spot in the front on the left hand side of the room and started to set up my camcorder and line up my lenses to take pictures.


The show started a little after 8pm and to open the show, Bess Rogers takes the stage to perform seven songs.  Bess is also a New Yorker and good friend of Rachel's. She comes out with Craig Meyer, a drummer who also plays with Rachel.  The crowd attentively watches her perform while relaxed and sitting down.  Below are the video performances by Beth.


Bess Rogers' Set List

[ Prologue | Performance ] Water and Dirt

[ Prologue | Performance ] Travel Back

[ Prologue | Performance ] Math and Science

[ Prologue | Performance ] In The Wave

[ Prologue | Performance ] Do You Realize (cvr Flaming Lips)

[ Prologue | Performance ] Favorite Day

[ Prologue | Performance ] I Don't Worry [Music Video]


After Bess finishes her set, there's a short intermission before Rachel Platten takes the stage.  Once Rachel takes the stage, she takes control of the room and gets people on their feet and cheer her on up close and personal.  She performs her set with Bess and Craig.  Her performances during this show was outstanding where she sang ten songs in her set and returned on stage for an encore performance. In the middle of her set, she brings up two fans on stage to help her play the percussion.  See how great Rachel was on stage and how much everyone enjoyed her show by watching them below.


Rachel Platten's Set List

[ Prologue | Performance ] Falling Into You

[ Prologue | Performance ] Nothing Ever Happens [Music Video]

[ Prologue | Performance ] 53 Steps

[ Prologue | Performance ] You Don't Have To Go

[ Prologue | Performance ] Work of Art

[ Prologue | Performance ] Overwhelmed

[ Prologue | Performance ] Some People Don't Have a Clue

[ Prologue | Performance ] Gin and Juice (cvr Snoop Dogg)

[ Prologue | Performance ] 1000 Ships [Music Video]

[ Prologue | Performance ] Sound of the City

[ Prologue | Performance ] You Can't Hurry Love (cvr Diana Ross) *Encore*


If you'd like to see the whole show from beginning to end, check out the embedded video below to watch in its respective order.

Bess Rogers [Part 1]

Rachel Platten [Part 2]


After Rachel finished her encore, she let the audience know she'll be sticking around after the show for a meet and greet and left the stage.  Before heading over to the merchandise stand to see Rachel, I was able to take a picture of her set list, so it would be easier for me to edit the video footage I took that night.  Once I packed up, I realized something different that hasn't happened in the past shows with Rachel.  There was a line to meet the talented musician. The first two times I went to see Rachel perform, there wasn't a long line, or any line at all, and I was able to see her as soon as she cleaned up backstage.


Once it was my turn to see Rachel, she looked at me and recognized me.  She gave me a huge hug and thanked me for coming out.  She noticed my camera gear and knew I captured the whole show like I did last time she was here.  I talked to her for a bit and asked her for a picture.I didn't have anything for her to sign since I already had her sign her album last time, so she was really thoughtful and signed a promotional picture of her. I wish had printed out a 8x10" picture of me and her from the last show.  I'm sure she will be back and I'll be able to have it signed next time.


I took a good handful of pictures from the show and they can be seen by clicking on the image or link below.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Picture Gallery Link: LiemPhoto


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If you're interested to know more about Rachel Platten and Bess Rogers and would like hear more music by them, please do check out their websites and social network pages below.  As always, go out and support them by going to their shows and buying their music.


Rachel Platten: http://www.rachelplatten.com

Bess Rogers:  http://bessrogers.com


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit http://shows.LiemPhoto.com.

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