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imageThe Washington DC metropolitan area was reWARDed with a show at Jammin Java not just with the talented Tyler Ward but with his crew: Alex Gronlund aka AlexG, Eppic, and Jessica Moskaluke. Tyler is a singer/songwriter from Denver, Colorado who got his fame through posting many creative and entertaining covers of songs on YouTube.  imageHe is currently the 19th all-time most subscribed musician on YouTube. On top of doing covers, he writes his own original songs. Tyler also two studios operating in Colorado and another studio operating in Tennessee where he does all his recordings and many of is YouTube video recordings.



imageimageAlong side with Tyler at the show, you have two of three artists who are also from Colorado. AlexG is an artist who has a mind blowing voice, and Eppic who is a rap artist who also writes original songs and does covers. These two can be seen doing many collaborations with Tyler and other artists on YouTube. Lastly, there's Jessica who is from Canada who has more of a country touch to her songs.  She is also the 95th all-time most subscribed musician in Canada.


I first heard Tyler Ward's covers and music a few years ago.  I can't remember exactly which song/video I saw him first on YouTube.  What I do remember is that I went to some website where they talked about the top ten must see YouTube sensations.  Tyler was one of those ten.  After seeing his YouTube covers back then, I was a fan.  I've seen him evolve through the years as his videos became more entertaining and and music renditions were just as good as Boyce Avenue music renditions of songs.  Tyler doesn't just always stand behind the camera with his guitar, but he also does things to make his videos more appealing to listen to and watch.  


Back in July, it was announced that Tyler was going on a headlining tour and one of his pit stop was at my "second home", Jammin Java. I was excited and asked if my sister wanted to go.  Without hesitation, she wanted to go because she liked Tyler's covers and music.  We booked our tickets early on to ensure we didn't get left out when it sells out.


On the day of the show, I got off work an hour early and met my sister at the Dunn Lorring station. This commute from DC that day after I left work was really annoying because, for whatever reason, the Metro train decided to skip the station I needed to get off at.  I had to get off at the Vienna station and turn back around.  It was such a waste of time, and my sister had to wait longer at the parking lot.


imageOnce I finally arrived at the station, my sister dropped me off at Jammin Java, so I could check-in then I could get in line to get a seat once door opens.  While waiting in line, I noticed that there were a lot of girls going to this show.  With that said, I was expecting my ears to be bleeding from screaming lol! Doors opened around 6pm or so, and I rushed in to get a seat.  Unknowingly, I found out there were no chairs.  It was changed from a seated show to a standing show.  Luckily, everyone was focused on getting front row, sweat smelling standing area, so I was able to rush to the back side of the room to get a nice seat with a good view to set-up for my video recording.


imageTyler came out to perform around 8pm.  He came out with his band, and he busted out with his electric guitar.  The crowd was already getting into the show and screaming has already started.  It was a great opening to hype up the audience.  Soon after his jam, he brought out his crew (AlexG, Eppic, and Jessica).  These four jams it on stage throughout the night, and they put on a great show! imageThe energy they gave on stage was incredible.  They were singing, rapping, dancing.  It was like one one of the big shows that the big time artists would have but at a smaller venue.  Their set contained of both covers and originals.  Tyler and his crew got the audience into the show throughout the night.  They even ended the night with an encore consisting with two extra songs.  For the very last song during the encore, Tyler ran into the audience and finished the last verse and chorus out in the audience with mic in hand.


imageI was able to capture the whole show on video below. So, I hope you enjoy them.  To the right of some of the performances, I've also linked you to the songs he performed originally on his YouTube channel.  If you want to see the whole show from beginning to end, I've also embedded the playlist video below the set list.  I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did. 



[ Prologue | Performance ] Instrumental Intro
[ Prologue | Performance ] Mary Song [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Can't Lie, Get High [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Wastin' Time [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Black & Yellow (covering Wiz Khalifa) [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Cultural Phenomenon [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Home [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Medley #1
[ Prologue | Performance ] Latin Percussion [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Doubt (written by Eppic) [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Grenade (covering Bruno Mars) [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Pennybags [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Medley #2
[ Prologue | Performance ] Party Rock Anthem (covering LMFAO) [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Paper Heart [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Falling [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Dynamite (covering Taio Cruz) [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] The Rescue [YT Video]
[ Prologue | Performance ] Time Machine (Denver City)


imageAfter the show ended, Tyler came out for a meet and greet for his fans.  Unfortunately, he wasn't taking pictures that night with fans, so I decided to just call it a night.  I was at least hoping to buy some CDs for him to sign, but he was only selling digital copies online.  Eppic and AlexG was in the back of the room earlier before Tyler was out, but unfortunately I didn't know, so I lost my opportunity to get a picture with them.  It was still a stellar show. If you're a fan of Tyler Ward, I definitely recommend you come to his show.  He will put all his energy on stage to put on a great show!

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To see more pictures taken from the show, click on the link below:


If you are interested to learn more about these artists and/or would like to hear more music by them, please check out their websites and social networks below. 


Tyler Ward - http://www.tylerwardmusic.com
Alex Gronlund (aka AlexG) - http://www.youtube.com/AlexGMusic7
Eppic - http://www.youtube.com/eppictv
Jessica Moskaluke - http://www.jessmoskaluke.com


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit http://shows.LiemPhoto.com.

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