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Last time I saw Alex Goot perform live was when he opened up for Boyce Avenue back in March 2011 at the Rock & Roll Hotel [View Blog]. Look at him now; he is headlining his own tour across the United States. This is the same singer/songwriter who won this year’s MTV Online Music Award’s Best Fan Cover for covering “Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears. For this leg of the tour and this show at Jammin Java in Virginia, singer/songwriter/YouTubers Tiffany Alvord and Luke Conard opened the show for Alex Goot. Tiffany is a young but talented artist who has been writing songs since the age of 10 and widely recognized for her covers on YouTube. Luke also does many covers on YouTube, and he is part of two bands: Ministry of Magic and ALL CAPS.


Photo Credit: JamnJavaDoorGal I first heard about the tour for these trio back in July, and I was about to not go because I’ve already seen Alex Goot perform live. I then heard from their vlog that he’s bringing along Tiffany Alvord. This is pretty huge because I listen to many of her covers on her YouTube channel, and just having the chance to see this talented young artist perform live would be great. Luke Conard was also part of the tour. Before this tour, I have never heard of Luke, but I was open to see what he’s all about. I bought the tickets on the same day they were released, and I pretty excited because I was one of first 100 advanced ticket purchasers. Being that I was one of the first 100, I got to be part of the VIP meet and greet before the show started. Waiting for this show felt like forever since I bought the tickets so early.


imageSince I went by myself to the show, I decided to drive and park at the Dunn Loring Metro station so that I can easily get to the venue quickly after work. I also wanted to be sure I got there early in order to get a good standing area, so I decided to go to work an hour early so I could leave at 4:30pm. I arrived at the venue about 5:30pm and there was already a short line. I went inside to check myself in to get my hand stamped and get my VIP meet and greet bracelet. Afterwards, I headed back out and stood in line to wait for the meet and greet to start. Let me remind you that day was pretty hot, and I was wearing a black shirt which didn’t help.


imageDoors finally opened for the VIP meet and greet about 6:00pm and people started to walk in. I was so glad because I was starting to melt. From the last time I met Alex, I’ve already got his EP signed and Tiffany also didn’t have any CDs out for me to get signed, so I was debating what I can get them to sign. I decided to get a poster that had all three of them (Alex, Tiffany, and Luke). That way, I can get all of them to sign it. I always like to get at least one thing signed by the performers. I was really glad that there was a VIP meet and greet because I wouldn’t have to wait in line afterwards which probably would take a lot longer. I was in line for the VIP meet and greet line for about 20-30 minutes. My plan was to have them sign the poster, take individual pictures with them, then finish off with a group picture. When it was my turn, everything happened the way I wanted it to, but Luke was being a prankster haha! He signed his autograph over Tiffany’s instead of himself, and he had these awkward poses in the background while I was taking individual pictures with Alex and Tiffany lol! They were all very loose and chill.


imageThe show started off with a local artist by the name of Shelby Blondell who performed a few songs. After Shelby’s set was finished, Luke Conard made his way out to stage. He had a pretty good set. Since it was my first time hearing his songs, I didn’t know what to expect, and it seems like many of his songs are based around Harry Potter. The highlight of the show must have been when he jumped out into the crowd and had people carry him around. That’s the first time I’ve seen that happen at Jammin Java. His songs are from both of his bands ALL CAPS and Ministry of Magic. Overall, his set was entertaining, and I enjoyed it. Below are Luke’s prologues and performances from his set-list.


[ Prologue | Performance ] Accio Love
[ Prologue | Performance ] Don’t Leave
[ Prologue | Performance ] Saved
[ Prologue | Performance ] I’ll Be Your Dashing Knight
[ Prologue | Performance ] Someone Like Me
[ Prologue | Performance ] Lovegood
[ Prologue | Performance ] Summer of ‘09


imageAfter Luke finished his set, Tiffany Alvord takes the stage. She comes out to a massive crowd cheering her on. Her voice during her set was as good as her voice heard from her YouTube. Her set-list consisted of half covers and half originals. I honestly haven’t heard any of her originals before this show. I’ve listened to only her covers and collaboration covers she’s done with other artists. Her originals are pretty cute. She also does play the guitar, so that’s pretty awesome. One of the highlights of during her set-list was when one of her fans showed off a blinged out poster with lights bordering it. It was pretty creative and it stood out of the crowd. Below are the prologue and performances from her set-list.


[ Prologue | Performance ] Tonight, Tonight (Covering Hot Chelle Rae)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Little Things
[ Prologue | Performance ] Perfect Chemistry
[ Prologue | Performance ] Magic (Covering BoB ft Rivers Cuomo)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Never Been Better
[ Prologue | Performance ] Love You Like A Love Song (Covering Selena Gomez)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Moves Like Jagger (Covering Maroon 5 & Christina Aquilera)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Forget You (Covering Cee Lo Green)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Never Love A Boy
[ Prologue | Performance ] The Reason Is You
[ Prologue | Performance ]


imageLastly, the main attraction, the headlining performer,Alex Goot, comes on stage after Tiffany is finished with her set-list. The lights blackout and Alex’s introduction music is played. He comes out with a full band which is different from his last tour where it was more acoustic. Alex, yet again, puts together another amazing set-list filled with originals, covers, and medley mash-ups. One thing I wish Alex did was keep this set acoustic like his last tour, but a full band did make the crowd get more into the music. By this point, as soon as the drums and bass started to blast, my Sony HD camcorder started to fail on me. I later found out that the camcorder failure was related to the vibration caused by the drums and bass. For that reason, I do apologize for the bad audio and video since I had to use my point and shoot camera to shoot the video. If you dare to brave through the bad audio and video, you can check out Alex’s prologues and performances below.


[ Prologue | Performance ] We Could Love
[ Prologue | Performance ] Doctors Order
[ Prologue | Performance ] Read My Mind
[ Prologue | Performance ] A Thousand Miles (Covering Vanessa Carlton)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Breathless
[ Prologue | Performance ] Asleep At The Wheel
[ Prologue | Performance ] Grenade (Covering Bruno Mars)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Save Tonight (Covering Eagle Eye Cherry)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Pretty Eyes
[ Prologue | Performance ] Sensitivity/Teenage Dream/Firework (Covering Katy Perry)
[ Prologue | Performance ] I Want It That Way/Friday (Covering BSB & Rebecca Black)


If you’d like to view the whole show in its entirety, you can do so in the below embedded video.

Luke Conard [Part 1]

Tiffany Alvord [Part 2]

Alex Goot [Part 3]

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