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Combine the voice of Rachel Taylor and the guitar stringing abilities of Trevor Kelly, what do you get? He Is We!  This indie pop duo is from Tacoma, Washington.  They released two albums: one which was unofficial/self-released album released back in 2009 called "Old Demos", and their most recent debut album called "My Forever" released last year.  Their debut album "My Forever" reached number 6 on the Billboard's Heatseekers Album charts.


I first heard of He Is We not so long ago.  I was introduced to their music by Jaymie, a friend from California.  We were just going through new music to listen to and she brings up He Is We.  When I first heard their music, I thought their music was just okay.  As I continued to listen to their songs more and more often, I started to like their songs even more.  Then back in May, I had my weekly checks at my favorite Jammin Java venue's website to see if there were any performers I wanted to go see.  The first thing I noticed was that Vanessa Carlton was coming to Jammin Java in June.  I glanced a bit lower and the phrase "He Is We" stood out.  I then book tickets for their show just minutes after booking tickets for Vanessa's show.  This is also their first headlining tour/shows, so it was great to experience it with Rachel and Trevor.


imageA few weeks before the show started, I checked the Jammin Java website to see if it was going to be a sell out or not.  This would allow me to determine what time I should come to the venue to wait in line for a good spot.  It was indeed a sell out show, so I decided to come out a couple of hours earlier to check-in and wait in line.  When I arrived at the venue, I also see that there was already a short line, not too crazy.  Doors opened just after 6pm and everyone "calmly" walked in to get their spot near the stage.  This show was a standing show, so everyone was gathering in the front.  I've been to Jammin Java too often an know about this balcony like seating area.  I ran up to get a seating spot hoping it would be a good spot for shooting my videos.  This was a little bit different from the usual where I also fight for the front.  Standing shows tend to get too close to record from the front row, so I was lucky and got the last table available to sit and watch the show.


imageThe show started a little after 7pm with Andrew Allen opening for the show performing his set, then followed by Ocean Grove.  As Ocean Grove finished their set, the stage was getting prepped for He Is We.  I would have to say that their set was the most unique compared to some of the performers I've seen at Jammin Java.  They had these lamps set around the stage, which gave better lighting and cozier feel to the performance.  He Is We performed a total eleven songs and came back out for an encore.  It was great show filled with funny stories told by Rachel.  Most of their songs came from their latest album, but they also did perform a few songs from their "Old Demos" album as well as from their EP.


To view their performances and watch their stories/prologues before each performances, click on the link below.  If you would rather watch their whole set in entirety, you can also click on the embedded below.

Playlist Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4F1802ED1C96F88C 


[ Prologue | Performance ] Fall
[ Prologue | Performance ] And Run
[ Prologue | Performance ] Prove You Wrong
[ Prologue | Performance ] Blame It On The Rain
[ Prologue | Performance ] A Mess It Grows
[ Prologue | Performance ] I Wouldn't Mind
[ Prologue | Performance ] Breathe
[ Prologue | Performance ] Radio
[ Prologue | Performance ] Forever & Ever
[ Prologue | Performance ] All About Us
[ Prologue | Performance ] Happily Ever After
[ Prologue | Performance ] Everything You Do


He Is We pulled together a really cool show!  Wished their set was longer, but understandable why it wasn't since they had two other performers opening for them, so they only had so much time to perform.


After the show, I stuck around for the meet and greet.  I was rushing to the merchandise stand because that's usually where the artists would come out, but He Is We threw a curve ball and was meeting their fans near the back of the stage.  I was able to meet their Trevor and their touring band.  Unfortunately, I was able to meet Rachel after the show.  By the time, I went to the back, she was no where to be found, but it was okay.  Hopefully, I will get to meet them again next time.

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For more pictures taken from the show, CLICK HERE.


If you're interested in learning more about He Is We or would like to check out more of their music, check out their official website:  http://www.heiswemusic.com


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit http://shows.LiemPhoto.com.

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