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It was less than a year ago when I saw singer/songwriter, Rachel Platten, perform live at Jammin Java. Unlike many of my other performers that I follow and support, Rachel is from the "The Big Apple" New York City instead of Los Angeles, so she's definitely closer to DC.  Last time I saw her, she performed with Mikey Wax and Nick Howard.  At that time, I came primarily for Mikey.  You can see the blog I wrote here.  This time, she returns to the same venue and rocked it on stage to open for Tony Lucca, and Jesse Terry opened for Rachel.


imageJust a few weeks before Rachel came to Virginia for her tour, her debut album called "Be Here" was released to the public.  Her album consisted of ten tracks where she perform four of her songs during her last visit in Virginia.  When I heard from her Facebook that she was releasing an album, I went straight to Amazon to pre-order the album.  What I did not expect was for her to come back to the same venue because last time, turnout was pretty low.  I'm really glad she did return because she's a great singer/songwriter with upbeat and very catchy tracks and turnout was a lot better this time.  I also wanted her to come back because last time, I didn't give her enough credit and I felt really bad.


Since the show was a workday, I went to the concert right after work.  I had my sister pick me up at the Dunn Loring Metro station after commuting from Downtown DC.  I left work about 6pm and arrived at the venue about 15 minutes before doors opened.  We checked into the show and got a seat right in the front of the stage.  I was then able to spot a friend who also has similar taste in music as me.  Her name is Lana, which is the same as my sister's name.  We both also went to the same show at Jammin Java for Mari√© Digby and Kina Grannis from last year's show.  This was actually the first time we actually spotted each other, so it was really nice to finally meet her.  She was the one that also told me about Rachel's show at Jammin Java.  


Since I didn't have dinner yet, I decided to buy a couple of soft pretzels from Jammin Java.  They were so soft and so warm; it was like the pretzels came straight out of the oven.  Right before the show, I started to set up my mono-pod and Sony HD camcorder to make sure I get the angle that I want.


imageThe show started just minutes after 7:30pm.  The show opened with Jessie Terry.  He performed almost half a dozen songs, and it his set lasted for about half an hour.  


Rachel, finally takes the stage just minutes after 8pm.  I was really excited.  She performed ten songs which was much more than her last show.  Her performance was just great from beginning to end.  She was very energetic, and she was very entertaining.  Compared to last year's show, she has gotten so much better.  You can tell she has more the confidence and more energy.  


Below is her set list for the show in respective order.

[ Prologue | Performance ] Overwhelmed
[ Prologue | Performance ] Nothing Ever Happens
[ Prologue | Performance ] Seven Weeks
[ Prologue | Performance ] You Don't Have To Go
[ Prologue | Performance ] 1,000 Ships
[ Prologue | Performance ] Find You **New Song**
[ Prologue | Performance ] Don't Care What Time It Is
[ Prologue | Performance ] Remark
[ Prologue | Performance ] 53 Steps


If you would like watch her act from Jammin Java without having to click on each performance, below is a playlist that I've embedded.

Playlist Link:


Rachel's set was about 45 minutes.  After her set, Tony Lucca came out to perform his set.  I personally wasn't very into Tony and Jessie's style of music, but the crowd loved them.  Tony's set was extremely long considering there were three performers for the show.  His set lasted for about an hour and a half.  I kept hoping for the show to end soon because it was getting really late, and I had to go to work the next day.  I also didn't want to leave early because I wanted to meet Rachel before leaving.  The show finally ended at almost 11pm.


imageAfter the show ended, I rushed over to the merchandise stand to meet Rachel.  She wasn't there yet and my sister was getting pretty irritated because she was getting tired.  She kept saying if I was sure that Rachel was coming out.  I told her I'm pretty sure because she did last time.  About 10-15 minutes later, Rachel finally comes out and the first person she saw at the merchandise stand was me.  She was so happy to see me.  She thanked me for coming out, and she said she saw me up front right away when she was performing.


imageI asked her if she could sign her album.  She gladly accepted and signed the album and had a little personalized message for an autograph.  I then took a picture with Rachel for good memories.  She then gave me a hug before I headed out of the venue.  I told her that got the show on video and will have it posted as soon as I could.  She said she couldn't wait to see them up and thanked me for recording the show.


Before I was able to start editing the video clips from Rachel's show, I had to finish up editing and uploading the videos from the APAHM relief show from the past weekend.  That show took me a lot longer since it was four hours long.  I finally finished editing the videos from Rachel's show and had them uploaded.  Just a few days later before I could share the videos with Rachel, she already saw them and posted it on her Tumblr and tweeted it to everyone.

I was so surprised and happy that she posted one of my videos on her blog page.  It sure made my day seeing that, so thanks Rachel for that :).


If you would like to see more pictures from the show, you can click on the link:


If you like to read more about Rachel Platten or hear more of her songs, please go visit her website:


PS: Rachel's also returning to Washington DC to perform with Bess Rogers at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse on June 9th.  Come out and see her live! She's great and really nice! I would go, but I'll be in Cancun at that time.


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit

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