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Sixteen performers for $15 (pre-sale)? Great deal right? That's my thought exactly when I saw the banner posted all over Facebook pages. This is also a relief show where the proceeds goes to the people who were affected by the tsunami in Japan.  The show featured both local artists as well as more well known artists that people may know from YouTube. The show was scheduled to be four hours long, so it was a good benchmark for my Sony HD camcorder.  Let's just say it doesn't matter how big the battery pack is... this camcorder cannot last over two and a half hours of constant recording because it will overheat the hard drive and/or device. I'm just lucky I brought my Canon point and shoot as a back up.


I arrived at George Mason about 5:15pm, a little early to check-in for the show.  This was the first time I stepped back in George Mason University since I graduated exactly six years ago.  I didn't think it would be an emotional return, but all these great memories of me attending GMU started to rush back through my head especially once I stepped into the Johnson Center.  That's where I spent most of my time with my friends during my breaks between classes as well as a great place to study.  GMU has, oh so, changed with new buildings, new parking decks, updated food selections, but still has the same feel in the Johnson Center.


Doors opened at about 6pm, and finally allowed people to enter Dewberry Hall.  I calmly rushed to get a front row seat, so I can get a good recording view of the show.  Luckily, I went by myself, so I was able to get a front row seat between these two girls which gave me a good center stage view.


The show was supposed to start at 6pm, but apparently there was a delay in the show since they just opened the doors.  The actual show didn't start until a couple of hours later around 8pm, and as a result, didn't end until a little after mid-night.  Not sure of the reasoning, but luckily it was a weekend, so I'm sure many people didn't have to worry about staying up late other than the students that have to get back to studying for exams.  I wasn't too sure how packed it was since I was in the front, but it was a pretty good turnout.


This four hour relief concert was split into two parts with an intermission half way through the show.  The first half of the show had a lot of local performers that I haven't heard before other than Vince Lacsamana.  A lot of their friends were cheering them on, so it must feel great to perform for their friends.  One act in particular that stuck out for me was Alan Deperio's poetry segment.  I really enjoyed his poem about technology, social networks, and just how people communicate nowadays through electronic devices because it was all true.


The second half of the show was a blast with even more well known local performers as well as huge YouTubers such as JR Aquino (aka JRA) and Kat Badar.  Seeing JRA perform one of my favorite songs "By Chance (You & I)" in person was just epic.  Also, being able to meet Kat, one-fourth of Blyss, was great.  She has such a great voice, really sweet, and adorable!  I'm just hoping next time, she brings along the rest of the Blyss girls (Jenny Suk, Cathy Nguyen, and Jasmine Rafael).  It was also a great surprise and treat to see JRA and Kat perform a duet.  It was such a priceless performance.  These two were one of the reasons why I went to the concert in the first place.  Locally, I was excited to see Ivy Rose perform up close.  I first heard them perform at last year's first annual Kollaboration DC, but didn't get to see and hear them as well since I was so far back.  I have to say, they were my performer of the night! They were exhilarating, entertaining, and their originals are off the hook.  Also, seeing an all girl rock band go all out at it was great! Seeing Isabelle smashing it on drums, Kristine jamming it on the base with Sarah on guitar, and Martina on vocals--what a rush!!  They are definitely another one of the local artists that I will start supporting.  Thinking back now, it is just ridiculous that Ivy Rose did not at least leave last year's Kollaboration DC with at least third place.  As always, I support Amanda Lee and Rooftop Pursuit, 110%! They were brilliant, magnificent, and outstanding on stage.  I definitely do miss Rooftop Pursuit's old guitarist and bass guitarist.  I really enjoyed their energy with their guitars on stage, but I'm glad Phil Lee has a new guitarist, Paul Lee, so they can continue to rock it at shows.


Overall, this concert was extremely overwhelming even though it was a long four hours.  I just was disappointed that I now know that my Sony HD camcorder can only last two and half hour max with constant video recording regardless of battery usage.  I apologize for some of the videos getting cut off during some of the performances in second half of the show.  I tried to put in smooth transitions while editing the videos so that I can still share majority of the performances.  My camcorder overheated so bad and kept shutting off during Ivy Rose's set, that I  had to pull out my point-and-shoot camera and record from there.


Below were everyone's set list on video in respective order to the concert.  Please also visit the performers websites and/or social networks to see more info about them as well as hear other songs sung and performed by them.  If you'd rather view the concert in it's entirety without having to click on each link below, continue scrolling down, and you will see an embedded YouTube player that you can click on and experience (or re-experience) this incredible night.


Alvin Tan

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Alvin Tan
[ Prologue | Performance ] Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] I Miss You
[ Prologue | Performance ] 'Medley' (Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] San Diego Virginia


David Lee

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces David Lee
[ Prologue | Performance ] Don't Stop Believin (Journey Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] We're All Meant For Something Good
[ Prologue | Performance ] Let It Be (Beatles Cover)


Vincent Bantasan

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Vincent Bantasan
[ Prologue | Performance ] Beatboxing Act #1
[ Prologue | Performance ] Beatboxing Act #2
[ Prologue | Performance ] Beatboxing Act #3
[ Prologue | Performance ] Beatboxing Act #4
[ Prologue | Performance ] Beatboxing Act #5


Ajnin Precizion

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Ajnin Precizion
[ Prologue | Performance ] Mashup Dance Cover


Alan Deperio -

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Alan Deperio
[ Prologue | Performance ] 'The Death Of...' Poetry Segment


Vince Lacsamana

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Vince Lacsamana
[ Prologue | Performance ] Worthy Of (Justin Timberlake Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Lovely (John West Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Unfinished Love
[ Prologue | Performance ] Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover)


Keshia Lee

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Keshia Lee
[ Prologue | Performance ] 'Medley' #1 (Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Love Is You (Chrisette Michele Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] 'Medley' #2 (Cover)


Chris Santa Ana

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Chris Santa Ana
[ Prologue | Performance ] 'R&B Group Medley' Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Valentine For A Lifetime


The Tito Boy Scouts

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces The Tito Boy Scouts
[ Prologue | Performance ] Dance Medley Cover


Kollaboration DC

[ Prologue | Performance ] Promo for auditions & talent show date


Rooftop Pursuit

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Rooftop Pursuit
Prologue | Performance ] Broken Smile
Prologue | Performance ] Need Some Time
Prologue | Performance ] Why I Sing
Prologue | Performance ] Again


Kat Badar

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Kat Badar
[ Prologue | Performance ] Sugar We're Going Down (Fall Out Boy Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Incomplete (Sisqo Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Hit 'Em Up Style (Blu Cantrell Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] At Last (Etta James Cover)


Sam Ock

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Sam Ock
Prologue | Performance ] Beautiful People
[ Prologue | Performance ] Rollercoaster
[ Prologue | Performance ] Slow Your Breath Down (Future of Forestry Cover)


Amanda Lee

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Amanda Lee
Prologue | Performance ] Go
Prologue | Performance ] Better Me
Prologue | Performance ] Empty
Prologue | Performance ] The Kazoo Song


Mitchell Grey

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Mitchell Grey
[ Prologue | Performance ] Vampire Voltage
[ Prologue | Performance ] Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Modjo Cover)
[ Prologue | Performance ] Monster
Prologue | Performance ] Hazel
Prologue | Performance ] 3 Seconds


JR Aquino

Prologue | Performance ] 'Medley' (Cover)
Prologue | Performance ] Handle With Care
Prologue | Performance ] Save This
Prologue | Performance ] Need You Now (ft Kat Badar) (Lady Antebellum Cover)
Prologue | Performance ] By Chance (You & I)


Ivy Rose

[ Prologue | Performance ] Hosts introduces Ivy Rose
Prologue | Performance ] Rain **New Song**
[ Prologue | Performance ] Runaway
Prologue | Performance ] Zombie (The Cranberries Cover)
Prologue | Performance ] Pilot

Below is embedded video I was talking about earlier in the blog where you can see the concert in it's entirety.


After the show ended, everyone made their way out of Dewberry Hall to get merchandise, get some snacks, line up for the meet and greet, or just start heading home since it was already very late.  I decided to stick around as planned to meet some of the performers I support and also wanted to meet some other performers for the first time.


I first decided to go to the performers that are out of town because their lines are longer and who knows when they have to leave to head back home.  It could be so sooner then they expected since the show started late.  I didn't want to take the chance that I may not be able to meet them before they leave.  With that said, I started to line up to meet JRA first.  It was by far the longest line.  As I got up closer to the front of the line, I see he still has his "You & I" shirts still in stock.  I asked what sizes they had left and got their last size small shirt for my sister.  I thought it would be a nice gift for my sister to get JRA to sign it since she wasn't able to come and watch the show.  When it was my turn to meet JRA, I told him he was great tonight and thanked him for performing "You & I" since it was my favorite song.

Next, I went over to Keshia and Kat's table.  They were paired up together.  Both of these girls were really sweet and both had a lot of energy when I came up to talk to them.  They were so appreciative that I stayed for the whole show and came to meet them.

After meeting these two girls, Ivy Rose started to come out with their merch table running out of Dewberry Hall.  As they were setting up, I decided to go say hi to Phil and Rooftop Persuit.  I've been to many of their shows, so Phil knows me by now since I'm the guy with the camera and always up in the front.  I was disappointed I forgot to bring their EP to get signed since I didn't get them to sign it at their EP release party.  As I was patiently waiting in line Phil saw me, and called me over to say hi and talk a bit.  I asked for a picture with the band since I've never had pictures with the whole band before.  It just seems shocking I've never had any pictures with them until now.  I just wish his old guitarist and bass guitarists were still here.

I, then, headed over to Amanda's table.  I've seen her so many times, it seems so awkward to ask her for a picture.  I told her she was great on stage as usual, and then talked for a bit about our favorite show, Fringe.  We talked about how intense the season finale was and how we can't wait to see how the season plays out next year.  Since she had more fans waiting to buy her EP, I let her do her thing and move on with the meet and greet.


Lastly, to end the night, I head over to the lovely ladies of Ivy Rose's table to buy their album, get it signed, and take a picture with them.  These ladies are talented on stage and gorgeous off the stage.  They were all so nice!  I asked them to sign their album and also asked them to sign the album disc.  They said it was the first time anyone has ever asked them to sign the album disc, so they were kind of reluctant to figure out how to sign an all black disc.  Luckily, they had a silver Sharpee marker with them, so pointed out they can sign the disc in silver which turned out really hot!  They said they should try to sign the actual CD more now that they know silver looks really hot on black :).  I was just a bit disappointed with the picture I took with them because it was a bit blurry.  I guess that's the downside of going by yourself having to get a stranger to take a picture for you.  That shouldn't be a problem though because I plan to support them and go see them live much more often just as I do with Rooftop Pursuit and Amanda Lee.

After that night, I finally realized that the DC metropolitan area has a lot of talented independent local artists.  If people haven't heard REAL music, definitely start supporting local artists as they are as good or even better than mainstream artists heard on the radio.


To see more pictures from the show and meet/greet, click on the banner below.  I do apologize if your pictures are not there.  i went by myself, so whatever my camcorder automatically took is what I was able to capture.  If I had an extra pair of hands, I could do both :).

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

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