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On November 6th, Amanda Lee, a singer/songwriter from the Washington DC metro area, organized an amazing benefit concert for breast cancer awareness with the help of Joe Kim at Woo Lae Oak in Vienna, Virginia.  This is the same Amanda Lee who won second place in the first annual Kollaboration DC just a little more than a month ago.  She organized this concert to help spread awareness of breast cancer and because she was inspired by her mom, Mary Lee, who is a breast cancer survivor.


Amanda Lee is also working on releasing her first EP.  She is taking pledges from fans and supporters over at  She's currently 79% to reach her goal, and she has 8 days left to meet the goal.  Please be sure to help support her by going over to her PledgeMusic page and donate.  She has a lot of exclusive, and at a minimum, you'll get a copy of her EP when it is released.


Here's her PledgeMusic page:


The benefit concert consisted of a handful of great performers which includes and started with Amanda Lee's sister April Lee, followed by Amanda Olsavsky & Never in Denver, then Amanda Lee, followed by Joanne Kim & Techniqelle, and ended the show with Phil Good Band. Midway through the show, the Lee sisters introduced their mom, Mary Lee, to share her testimony of being a breast cancer survivor.


Below are the set lists for all of the performers on video from my YouTube channel:

  1. [Video] Prologue #1 with Amanda Lee
  2. [Video] Prologue #2 with April Lee
  3. [Video] April Lee - I Never Told You (Colbie Caillat cover)
  4. [Video] Prologue #3 with April Lee
  5. [Video] April Lee ft Amanda Lee - The Kingdom (Bethany Dillon cover)
  6. [Video] Prologue #4 with April Lee
  7. [Video] April Lee ft Amanda Lee & Posido Vega - The Only Exception (Paramore cover)
  8. [Video] Never In Denver - Clouds Should Know Me
  9. [Video] Prologue #5 with Amanda Olsavsky
  10. [Video] Never In Denver - Hide and Seek (Imogen Heap cover)
  11. [Video] Prologue #6 with Amanda Olsavsky
  12. [Video] Never In Denver - Windmills
  13. [Video] Prologue #7 with Amanda Olsavsky
  14. [Video] Never In Denver - Castle In The Clouds (from "Les Misérables" The Musical)
  15. [Video] Prologue #8 with Amanda Lee
  16. [Video] Amanda Lee ft Posido Vega - Go
  17. [Video] Prologue #9 with Amanda Lee
  18. [Video] Amanda Lee ft Posido Vega - Better Me
  19. [Video] Prologue #10 with Amanda Lee
  20. [Video] Amanda Lee ft Posido Vega - Be Near
  21. [Video] Prologue #11 with Amanda Lee
  22. [Video] Amanda Lee ft Posido Vega - Letting Go
  23. [Video] Prologue #12 with Amanda Lee & April Lee
  24. [Video] Prologue #13 with Mary Lee
  25. [Video] Prologue #14 with Joe Kim
  26. [Video] Prologue #15 with Joanne Kim
  27. [Video] Techniquelle - The Dance
  28. [Video] Prologue #16 with Joanne Kim
  29. [Video] Techniquelle - People Belong Together
  30. [Video] Prologue #17 with Joanne Kim
  31. [Video] Techniquelle - Free Floating
  32. [Video] Prologue #18 with Joanne Kim
  33. [Video] Techniquelle - Vishnu Changed My Plans
  34. [Video] Prologue #19 with Phil Lee
  35. [Video] Phil Good Band - Again
  36. [Video] Prologue #20 with Phil Lee
  37. [Video] Phil Good Band - Why I Sing
  38. [Video] Prologue #21 with Phil Lee
  39. [Video] Phil Good Band - Can We Go Back?
  40. [Video] Prologue #22 with Phil Lee
  41. [Video] Phil Good Band - The Best Of Me
  42. [Video] Prologue #23 with Phil Lee
  43. [Video] Phil Good Band - Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
  44. [Video] Prologue #24 with Amanda Lee & Joe Kim

April Lee [Part 1]

Never In Denver [Part 2]

Amanda Lee [Part 3]

Techniquelle [Part 4]

Phil Good Band [Part 5]

If you wish to view the show in its respective show order, click the video clips above.


If you're interested to learn more about the performers from the benefit concert, you can check them out at their websites.


Amanda Lee:


Phil Good Band: 




Never In Denver: 


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit

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