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** For those doesn't care for my blog entry and only want to see the pictures and videos, they are posted near the end of the blog. Shame on you for not wanting to read my blog :P **


If you don't know who David Choi is, the name probably may not mean much to you because you don't follow YouTube.  But in the YouTube world, he is the 6th most subscribed musician and 40th most subscribed overall with well over 590,000 subscribers.  This is more than Michael Jackson who has over 556,000 subscribers and Taylor Swift which has over 470,000.


This is my fifth time back for a show at Jammin Java, and they did not disappoint with a sold out show.  They were well organized and didn't cause any headaches from beginning to end.  David Choi himself as well as other performers loved the lighting, the environment, back stage rooms, and the food.  I'm just glad I live just about half an hour away from this venue.


I can't recall when I started following and became a fan of David Choi, but I'm pretty sure it was around the same time I discovered Kina Grannis.  I do recall I was impressed with his cover renditions as well as his collaboration song with Kina called "My Time With You". At that time, he already released his first album called "Only You" which came out in 2008.  His second, "By My Side," then came out two years later in May 2010. What made me become a even bigger fan was when he was more involved with Wong Fu Production and their short films, particularly their latest web-series, "Funemployed". From that point on, I knew he was talented in singing, writing songs, making his own beats, acting, and just a really funny person.  It wasn't until early August when he announced that he will be having a tour in the Fall and stopping by DC. Once I heard that he's coming to DC and performing at Jammin Java, I kept checking the venue's site to see if they started selling the tickets yet.  I finally bought the tickets the very first day it went on sale.  I also decided to message Tom, who is one of the Kinerds that I met at the Kina Grannis show earlier this year, and let him know he should book tickets before it potentially sells out (which it did).  Once I knew for a fact I was going to be at his show, I quickly went to his store and bought both of his US edition albums.  If that wasn't enough, I also went to Ebay and got his Korean versions too :). So after all that, all I could do was wait for October 15th to roll around.


As the weeks got closer and closer to David Choi's show, I started to realize that I was maxing out on my vacation time at work, so I decided take that day off and relax before heading to the show that evening.  I also thought it was a good idea since it was a sold out show, so I can make my way to the venue earlier to get a good seat.  I planned to record the whole show on video using my new Sony Camcorder which records in full 1080p. The night before the show, I wanted to make sure I had enough battery power and space on my camera and camcorder, so I charged them up, cleared out space for videos and pictures, and then put them all into my bag.


On show day, I left the house at 4:30pm to meet my sister outside the venue after she got off of work, so we can eat dinner at Chipotle which is just half a block away from Jammin Java.  I got there at about 5:10pm and surprise-surprise, there's already a line with about 8-10 people, and the show doesn't start until 7:00pm.  I actually also had a nice tweet from a special someone from Jammin Java to tell me that the line has started, so I decided to get my dinner and hop on back over to Jammin Java to save my spot in line.  I later found out that David Choi arrived at Jammin Java not long after I arrived. Below is a picture taken by JamnJavaDoorGal in front of the sold out sign before stepping into he venue.




I, then, found a table right in front of the line so I can eat because it would be tough to eat a burrito bowl while standing up.  I felt a bit awkward sitting there because it made it seem like I was cutting in front of everyone, but that was not my intention. Tom met up with me after he finished dinner, and what great luck because I asked him if he could save me a spot in line while I was eating dinner. As I was eating Chipotle in the front of the line, I wanted to make sure I was not being a jerk, so I met these lovely girls who were first in line and had a conversation with them. I asked them how long they've been waiting since they were first in line, and they said they were here since noon and drove from Maryland! I was really impressed, but glad I was able to talk to them.


Half an hour later, around 5:45pm or so, guess who makes a special appearance out in front of the venue to greet us fans and supporters while we want in line?  David Choi, that's right! It was so awesome of him to come out and hang out with us for several minutes.  Of all the shows I've been to at Jammin Java, I haven't seen anyone that was that humble and down to Earth and hang out with the fans before the show like that.  They would be in the back preparing for the show.  Since a lot of people were just starstruck, I thought I break the ice by thanking him to come to DC to perform at the show and if he could do "The Dance".  Not to disappoint, he did "The Dance and with his coffee in one hand :). The crowd went wild hehe. By about 6pm, the line got really crazy and was starting to wrap around the venue.  Check out the picture below--credit goes to the "JamnJavaDoorGal".  I'm actually also in the picture in the long sleeve-striped gray polo shirt.




My sister finally finished dinner in Chipotle and met me back at the venue.  I told her to go check in and her my name. Come to her surprise David Choi was right there while she was checking in and making conversation.  How cool is that?! He was talking about how cold it was last time he performed at Jammin Java back in February 2010.


The venue finally opened the door about around 6:15pm or so.  And, oh boy, was I glad because it was actually a chilly day, so I was freezing.  I ran in and tried to find good seats near the front of the stage.  Pretty damn good.. right in the center and second row from the front :D!  I then started to prepare myself by getting my camcorder out, setting it up, and made sure I knew where all the buttons were. 


The show finally started shortly after 7pm with David Choi coming out on stage to an abundance of cheering from his fans in the audience.  I don't plan on giving you the minute by minute details from the show since you can just view them below.  I will just let you know what I thought of his show. Here is one of the pictures taken by my sister during his show.

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David Choi sang a total of eleven songs.  He started off with his very first original song he posted up on his YouTube channel and ended with "By My Side". Below is his set list for this performance at Jammin Java with prologues in between his songs.  You can click on the link below to see the videos I recorded from the show.


  1. [Video] Prologue #1 - Greetings & Introductions/On Medication/Story Behind 'YT A Love Song'
  2. [Video] YouTube A Long Song
  3. [Video] Prologue #2 - Previous Tour & Food From Jammin Java/School/Story Behind 'Valentines'
  4. [Video] Valentines
  5. [Video] Prologue #3: On Medication (continuation)/People in the Back
  6. [Video] Love
  7. [Video] Prologue #4: Chili From Jammin Java/No Record Label/Drugged/Likes Disco Ball
  8. [Video] Always Hurt
  9. [Video] Prologue #5: Obviously VA/Gov't Jobs/Disco Ball Experient/Beat Box/DMV Shoutout
  10. [Video] So Weightless
  11. [Video] Prologue #6: Jack Hammer/Mic. is Nice/Side Effects/Story Behind 'Deserve To Be'
  12. [Video] Deserve To Be
  13. [Video] Prologue #7: Dry Mouth/Favorite Drinks/Ages & PG13/Wiki & Stalker/Lefty's/Peeing
  14. [Video] Heaven's Ease
  15. [Video] Prologue #8: 2 Days By Horse To Jammin Java/The DChoi Dance/What Time Is It?/Repeat After Me
  16. [Video] Better You
  17. [Video] Prologue #9: Deja Vu Water/Recycling/Guess the Next Song
  18. [Video] Won't Even Start
  19. [Video] Prologue #10: Tuning!/Music Video & Wong Fu Productions
  20. [Video] That Girl
  21. [Video] Prologue #11: Bdays/Meet & Greet/Social Networks/Tom's My Friend/Merch/Hold Your Significant Other
  22. [Video] By My Side
  23. [Video] Prologue #12: Thanks, Good Bye, & Good Night

Also, if you would rather see the whole show as a playlist from beginning to end, you can also do so by clicking on the link below which will take you to my channel.


Playlist Link: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=983EB97F76A9B753


At the end of the show, David Choi also gave away the physical set list on hard copy paper for his show at Jammin Java, but I was too slow to get it.  Fortunately enough, I was able to get a picture of the set list.

At the end of the night, David Choi is indeed a great on-stage live performer as well as a great singer/songwriter.  He lived up to expectations and he kept his audience entertained with a mix of music and interesting and funny conversations between his songs.  He literally talks about so many random things, but he tells extremely funny stories.  My sister and I could not stop laughing all night long, but I had to try to not laugh so loud because i was recording.  I, also, don't think I've ever been this engaged in a show in a long while.  The show lasted for about an hour and a half before the meet and greet started.


The show ended relatively early around 8:30pm so that David Choi can meet all his fans and supporters before the late show at the venue starts at 10pm. For a sold out show, the line for the meet and greet wasn't too bad.  Maybe it was because I rushed to the front and slowly scooted as much up the line as possible.  My sister even tried to get a picture of the meet and greet line to see if we can see David Choi from where we were.  What do you think?

The meet and greet line went by at a decent pace. I think we finally got to meet him after about 45 minutes of waiting in line? I can't recall LOL. When I finally got to meet him, I just wanted to, again, thank him for coming to DC and shook his hand.  I, then, told him how great I thought he was on stage, how good of a show he had, and how I just loved and laughed so hard while watch him act in "Funemployed" with KevJumba, Kina Grannis, and Wong Fu Productions. I then asked him to sign all the albums bought and asked for a picture.  He's a pretty short guy, coming from me that's pretty short LOL. I'm 5 feet, so I think he was about 5 feet 1 inch?  I should have asked him to take a picture with me standing back to back to see who's taller haha!

Overall, David Choi's Show was just a fabulous show.  I definitely would go watch him again when he comes back to DC.  I really, really enjoyed his show and recommend those who enjoy his music to come out and see him next time.  


I just wanted to end the blog by showing you a video that David Choi took from his Flip camcorder while he was in DC. FYI-keep a note that at about the 5:28 mark, you can spot me there for a short period of time during the DMV shout-out! I'm in the center and Second row in the front! :D

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