September 6, 2010 | Posted By: Liem Nguyen

WWE once again has finally come back… to… Washington DC!! This is the 2nd time I’ve attended the WWE live event! First time was for Cyber Sunday Pay-Per-View which was three years ago.

Watching professional wrestling live isn’t all that much fun, but I just wanted to be able to say, hey I did that. First time I went, I got the cheapest tickets and had back row seats… I vowed to only attend again once more if I could get closer seats.

Well, my time has come, Raw comes to DC yesterday, and I booked me pre-sale tickets (thanks Tom for the hook ups for the pre-sale tickets). I was about nine rows from the front, but soon realized I was sitting in the back of the ring, so I got backs turned many times. I still managed to to get some nice pictures with my Canon DSLR and my 18-270mm zoom lens.

Untitled photo

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