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LIGHTS, remember the name! This Canadian singer/song writer is becoming a huge hit across the nation and worldwide.  She is known for her creative electropop/synthpop style music which some may compare her to the female version Owl City.  They actually did also tour together but that's a different story.  She was recently featured in a couple of this year's Lilith Fair shows and at the same time headlined in her own tour consisting of six sold out shows for her newest EP release called "Acoustic". In this unique EP, we get see a different side of LIGHTS. Instead of the usual electropop style music with her keytar and synthesizer, we get hear more of the basic acoustic and piano feel to her show demonstrating more vocal talent.


I was fortunate enough to see her perform live at one of her smaller, more intimate, sold out shows at Jammin Java in Virginia on August 1st.  It was nice to have a show on a weekend.. I gotta say this venue is now like my second home! So many great artists has booked their shows here the past eight months such as Marié Digby, Kina Grannis, and Mikey Wax (add to the list are David Choi and Brooke Fraser for later this Fall). Before going on and giving my synopsis of the show, let me provide a little bit background on how I heard of and became a fan of LIGHTS.


Just like many of my other favorite artists, I heard of LIGHTS through word of mouth from several Digbyholics (specifically from Jaymie and Ayes with a bit of Vince lol).  They gave me the link to her YouTube channel to see what all the craze is about.  When I first heard "Savior" and "Up Up and Away", I was quickly a fan. Many months went by and I get a tweet from Jammin Java stating LIGHTS will be performing at the venue on August 1st.  As excited as I was, to ensure I was not mistaken, I had to reread the tweet several times to make sure they are referring to the same LIGHTS I was hoping for.  At the time, I wasn't aware that she had a new EP coming out, but Jaymie read up on the tour and said the tour was for her upcoming release of "Acoustic".  Knowing how popular LIGHTS is, I made sure I booked tickets as quickly as I can once it went on sale. As I was booking tickets, it stated that each per ticket holder gets a free copy of "Acoustic". This is very cool because, currently, the only place you can buy the physical new EP was in Canada.  LIGHTS' online store sells the physical EP but bundled with other merchandise, so it's marked-up for over $20. Since it's so expensive, I told Jaymie that I'll give her my sister's free copy of the CD and get an extra CD for her friend.


So let the synopsis begin as Sunday, August 1st has finally arrived.  That same week, Star Craft 2, a real-time strategy game, was released, so before I began playing, I started to get everything ready, charge up two batteries to film the show, stack up my LIGHTS albums in the corner so I remember to bring it, printed the online tickets, and a piece of paper with a list of things that I will talk about later.


At about 4:45pm, my sister and I headed out to get dinner at Chipotle which is in walking distance from Jammin Java.  As I was driving and got a parking space, I already see a long line of about 20-30 people at about 5:30pm, already!  That is so crazy as the show doesn't start until 8pm. Worried about not being able to get good seats, my sister and I raced to eat as quickly as possible.  We finished around 6:30pm and luckily about the same amount of people were in line.  We checked in, and stood in line to wait for the door to open at 7pm.  As 7pm approached, they started passing out the free EPs to each ticket holder.

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The doors finally opened and my sister and I rushed in to try to find the best center seats possible.  So the best we could find was about eight to nine rows back (unfortunately near the back). Still good seats, but since it is a small venue, I hoped for something closer. As I was waiting for the show to start, I began to tweet a bit and a Kinerd, Frank, ask me to also get him a copy of the EP and said he'll pay me back.  So being a nice person I am, I also got him a copy too.  The only exception was that I told him the EP's on me because he was nice enough months ago to send me a copy of Kina Grannis' article from The Register  where he paid for shipping too.  I, then, started to look around to see if the merchandise booth was set up, so I don't have to deal with the long line at the end of the show.  I found the booth, but they weren't selling much merchandise; just a couple types of shirts, her LP album, and Acoustic EP, so SCORE!  Got the two extra EPs and went back to my seat. Knowing it was a sold out show, I looked around to see how many people weren't able to get a seat and had to stand--usually in the back and the sides of the room.  There were a good amount of people standing in the back, but surprisingly, this time around, no one was really standing at the sides. I decided to go stand on the right side of the room where it was much closer to the stage (like 2nd row close) while my sister took pictures from where she was sitting.


The show actually started promptly at 8pm unlike previous shows I've watched in the past. LIGHTS comes out to a huge crowd of cheers and whistles with a glass of wine and a water bottle to chase the wine down haha. Before, I continue let me tell you there was this damn old hag that thought she was clever tried to stand right in front of me knowing I was filming. I just had to move over a bit to get my space re-situated.  She's probably a bit upset because I had a back seat but stood next to her for a closer view.  Oh well, I'm just doing what I can to get a good view and close up video shots.  So the show starts with the one and only LIGHTS with no one else opening for her which is just great!  She sang a total of 16 songs (2 of which were for her encore).  So instead of explaining each song, I'll let you see the videos for yourself and let you have your own opinions about the show.  All I want to say is that it was an absolutely great performance by LIGHTS.

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Below is her set list for the show. If you click on the link it will take you to the video I uploaded in my YouTube channel.


[Video] February Air
[Video] The Listening
[Video] Second Go
[Video] Quiet
[Video] The Last Thing On Your Mind
[Video] Romance Is
[Video] Up Up And Away (unreleased song)
[Video] Casanova (unreleased song)
[Video] River
[Video] Face Up
[Video] Pretend
[Video] Fall Back Down
[Video] Savior
[Video] Drive My Soul


After she finished her last song, she thanked everyone for coming and left the stage.  Everyone started to consistently cheer "ONE MORE SONG!" loudly.  LIGHTS answered the call and came back on stage to perform not one encore but two encore songs!  By this time, that old hag was being annoying by standing right in the front of the stage to film the show (can someone call security?) and later tried to get her autograph before her encore. What a loser! Below are the two songs she sang for her encore.


[Video] Ice
[Video] Cactus And The Valley (unreleased song)


YouTube Playlist:

You can also view all the performances which includes song introduction commentary by LIGHTS in the following YouTube playlist I've created. To view the shows from the playlist, Click Here. All 29 video clips add up to about 1 hour and 20 minutes of video time.


After the encore, she then thanked everyone again and left the stage.  She didn't even mention if she was going to have a meet and great or not.  I was about to walk out very disappointed.  As I was walking out, I see a ghetto sign written in a felt tip pen saying "Meet and Greet Line" (should have taken a picture of it).  I was so excited because I would be able to get all my CDs signed as well as getting all the EPs signed for the cool people :).  Since LIGHTS didn't announce she was going to have a meet and greet, the line didn't really build up quickly, so I was probably the 30th person out of over about 160 people?  Cool stuff.

Meet & Greet

The line for meet and greet took probably about half an hour to 45 minutes.  Not so bad for a sold out show.  So while I was in line, I was deciding what I was going to say and what I wanted to ask LIGHTS to do so I don't flop like I did with Marié Digby.  When it was my turn to meet LIGHTS, I first told her that I really enjoyed her show and that she's a great artist.  I first asked her to personalize an autograph on all of the EPs that I have for Jaymie, her friend, and Frank.  I then asked her to sign my copy of the EP, the LP album, and the LIGHTS EP.  

After she signed the CDs, I told her I heard she was at the Lilith Fair and that she met Marié Digby and she requested for a special shoutout.  She said yeah she did, and it was for a fan in the Philippines (Ayes).  I was yeah, that was really nice of Marié. I then asked her if she can have a special shoutout for some special individuals (Jaymie, Ayes {3rd shoutout I believe haha}, Vince).  This was a surprise shoutout that I didn't mention to those three because I wasn't sure if LIGHTS was going to have a meet and greet or not.  She first declined because of the long line, so I was okay with it and just asked her for a picture with her.  

Once I took a picture with her, she changed her mind and said let's do that shoutout really quick.  That was really thoughtful of her.  The area where we were standing for the meet and greet didn't have any lighting at all, so the video turned out really bad, but the audio was great, so I decided to just take just the audio and have a picture with a caption instead.  This was the end result of the shoutout, which I thought it turned out nicely even though the actual video didn't.


My sister took some pictures at the show.  You can check them out from my SmugMug page by clicking here.


Overall, it was a great night filled with great entertainment! LIGHTS is great live as an acoustic as well as an electropop performer.  Hope you guys enjoy the videos and pictures!  I left the show completely satisfied.  


Thank you LIGHTS for coming to Virginia to perform!  Please come back soon! :)


If you'd like to read up on more shows and see more pictures and videos I've taken at live shows, please be sure to visit

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