Janurary 28, 2010 | Posted By: Liem Nguyen

I went to the annual DC Car Show at the Washington Convention Center on Thursday.  It was really fun.  Some of my co-workers went, and I met up with some friends to check out the cars.


I don't know much about cars but it is in a way an annual thing I'm starting to do because my uncle and my grandfather used to go every year until my grandfather passed away four years ago.  I now try to go every year as a way to pay respect to him and to see what new cars are out there.  I just wish I went with him when he was still alive.  I still remember each year, he would bring back many car posters.  He would always give me and my cousin these posters.  I still have the last poster he gave me framed on my wall as a piece of memory.


Anyhow, back to the line of topic.  We we at the car show from like 6:30pm until they started to shut down for the night which was about 9:00pm.  Pretty funny, they started to shutdown all the lights and all.  After the car show, Yong, Nadia, Mikey, and I went to get some late dinner at Mazu (a Japanese resturant).  Chill there for a couple of hours and headed home.  Thanks guys for coming out and hanging out with me, it was fun!


Check out the pictures I took at the car show.

Untitled photo
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