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Version 2.1.9 (8/29/2016)

>> Move page breadcrumb header to the fixed homepage for the entire homepage exception of the front page.

>> Changed stretchy margins to fixed margins.

>> Moved share/post on social media links from above breadcrumb header to below.

Version 2.1.8 (8/28/2016)

>> Add sub-menu links to entire top menu of homepage for Blog and Videos menu link.

>> Pin header of all pages to be fixed during scrolling of pages in exception to front page.

>> Remove search bar on top of all pages exception of the front page.

Version 2.1.7 (8/27/2016)

>> Changed fixed left and right margins to stretchy margins for the following pages:  video pages, all blog page, and all picture gallery pages.

Version 2.1.6 (8/25/2016)

>> Added "year filter" to the top of each video page.  Modified the previous and next pages within each video year.

>> Change link and link hovering color from white to light blue.

Version 2.1.5 (8/24/2016)

>> Renamed "Blog" section to "Art of Photoblography".

>> Justify headings for New, All Blog Entries, and All Galleries section from right to center.

>> Add extra character spacing to headings for New, All Blog Entries, and All Galleries section.

Version 2.1.4 (7/4/2016)

>> Changed the template for the main page for the Blog section by adding banner for each post.

>> Relocated the "Email Me" to the social media icon menu bar.

Version 2.1.3 (5/22/2016)

>> Registered "liemph.us" and set up with bitly as a branded short domain. Example: http://liemph.us/abcdef.

>> Set up "liemph.us" domain to as a redirect domain to www.LiemPhoto.com.

Version 2.1.2 (5/9/2016)

>> Added "Contact Me By Email" link to redirect to the email form on the upper-right corner of all pages and galleries below the social media icons except for front page.

>> Added the Search bar above the social media icons for all pages and galleries except for the front page.

Version 2.1.1 (4/16/2016)

>> Created a page that lists all picture galleries.

>> Added a link to see more blog entries in the NEW section.

>> Added a link to see more pictures in the NEW section.

>> Added a link to see more video clips in the NEW section.

>> Added a new method of browsing videos by year at bottom of VIDEOS pages.

Version 2.1 (4/6/2016)

>> Migration of selected photography blogs from LN13uLL.com to LiemPhoto.com under BLOG section.

>> Updated NEW section to include new video clips and blog entries.

>> Enhance the VIDEO to embed LiemPhoto video clips embedded into my website.

>> Updated front page to remove social media text and replaced with social media icon links.

>> Remove social media, contact, search, login link text menu from top menu of non front page pages.

>> Added social media icons to upper right page of non front page.

>> Remove HOME text link in menus.

>> Move BLOG menu link from social media navigation to the site navigation menu.

>> Change top menu font coloring to mute so hover on links highlight white.

>> Added site change log page.

>> Restrict and disable the collapsing of the site navigation menu in mobile browser mode.

>> Allow BLOG and VIDEO menu to expand/collapse and broken down by year.

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