October 21, 2014 | Posted By: Liem Nguyen

Dear All LNP supporters and followers,


Thanks to everyone who have support and follow my photography work! I am pleased to announced that I will be posting all my photography related blog entries here rather than in my old page which doesn't flow as seamless as it is mixed with my personal blog entries. Over the next few weeks and probably months. I will continue to cherry pick and migrate all the blog entries I feel is necessary to keep within LiemPhoto.com. Although, blogging here will be a bit more of a manual process of posting and updating rather than where my old blog was hosted by Tumblr, it will looks a lot cleaner and flow more seamless with my photography. It will allow give me more control of how I want my blog entries to look and where you as the viewers can easily stay within one site instead of flipping back and forth. I hope to continue to learn and provide the best services that I can to provide memoriable stories through vivid pictures at the events that I attend or am hired to take.


Lastly, to easily access my new blog, you can always just go to my homepage and click on the Blog link in the header menu or by going to http://blog.LiemPhoto.com.


Be sure to follow my work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Thanks again everyone for your constant support and following!


Your photographer,


Liem Nguyen


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